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The boom! community brings together hundreds of members from over 20 countries around the world! We invite you to join our growing community to connect with other female supply chain professionals in similar roles and learn from the experiences of other roles, industry sectors and geographic regions.

Membership of the boom! community is by invitation or request only. You are eligible to join if all of the following apply to you:

✔︎  You work in a supply chain role for any company that owns, manages or operates a supply chain.

✔︎  You have a demonstrable desire to invest time and focus in your own personal and professional development.

✔︎  You're passionate about what you do and are open to engaging with others to share your thoughts, ideas and experiences.

✔︎  You identify as female.

Please note that membership is not currently open to software vendors, industry analysts, recruitment firms or consultants.

There are two ways to become a member of the boom! community: personal or corporate.

Personal membership

Invest in yourself and your career by joining as a personal member. Join online and pay a monthly or annual subscription. You're not tied in and can cancel anytime using our secure member portal.

Pay monthly: £30 (GBP) / €33 (EUR) / $36 (USD)

Pay annually (2 months free): £300 (GBP) + VAT / €330 (EUR) + VAT / $360 (USD)

When your request to join is approved, you'll be directed to our member portal to set up your subscription. VAT may apply depending on your location.

Corporate membership

There are a number of option available for corporate membership, providing a range of benefits:

  • Empower your existing female supply chain employees by providing them with access to the boom! community and its resources
  • Share your message with the community through "boom! talk" spotlights 
  • Set up your own private company 'circles', where you can communicate and share content with your own employee members
  • Reinforce your position as a destination employer and attract future employees through alignment with the boom! vision and brand recognition through logo placement on the boom! website (see below) and as part of community content
  • Empower your own leadership team with an annual Executive Trend briefing paper and customised workshop (delivered at your location or virtually)
  • Discounts on additional offers and future sponsorship opportunities

Contact or call +44 (0)345 222 6358 to request more information and schedule a conversation.

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