The Global Community for Women in Supply Chain


boom! brings together a global community of women working in supply chain who want to reach full potential in their professional lives in harmony with their personal lives, for the benefit of all. 

The boom! community seeks to:

  • Enable the advancement and acceleration of the role and careers of women in supply chain by providing wide-range access to inspiration and experience, knowledge and support.

  • Recognise and celebrate successes within the community.

Additionally, boom! seeks to:

  • Promote greater gender diversity and equality throughout all echelons of supply chain organisations, for the benefit of customers, business and society at large.

  • Reinforce the supply chain profession as an attractive destination career for future generations of female talent.

Join hundreds of your peers around the world

Whether you've just started out in your career or are already on the path to senior leadership, as a boom! member you'll get exclusive access to resources designed to inspire, challenge and support you, and connect you with other members working in the supply chain arena around the world. 

  1. Be Inspired. Webinars and interviews with inspirational female role models in supply chain about their personal journeys, experience and professional life lessons.

  2. Learn & Grow. Thought-provoking webinars, coaching sessions and other resources designed to give you practical insights and tools to develop your personal and professional skills within supply chain and accelerate your career trajectory.

  3. Connect & Support. Network and connect with other members around the world through conversations and discussions. Join groups (we call them circles) based on your interests to really zone in on topics relevant to you. Share your thoughts, ideas and experiences on important issues identified by the community, for the community. You also have the option, should you wish, to connect with other members privately via direct messaging.

  4. Share & Celebrate. Shine a light on and celebrate the successes of members of the boom! community and the teams and organisations they work in.

Membership of the boom! community is by invitation or request only.

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