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The Post-Pandemic Workplace: The Supply Chain Profession's Perspective

During July and August 2021, boom! fielded a survey of the global supply chain profession's experiences during the COVID pandemic and their views on the future of work. 

Download the report here

The results were also presented in a live webinar. Watch the replay in full here and download the deck from the session here.

With thanks to our special guests Caroline Crotty, Partner and Head of International at Pod Talent, and Jason Breault, Managing Director of LifeWork Search.

2021 Women in Supply Chain Research

As a partner for the second time in this, the sixth annual Gartner / AWESOME Women in Supply Chain research survey series, we are pleased to share the results of this latest survey, published in May 2021.    

"Bucking pandemic-era odds, the annual Gartner / AWESOME survey shows that women are better represented at most levels of the supply chain profession in 2021. But despite promising gains, CSCOs must address looming COVID-19-related burnout and midcareer attrition to sustain progress."

Dana Stiffler & Caroline Chumakov, Gartner

Download the 2021 report here.

Career Progression in Supply Chain: The Employee Experience

Towards the end of 2020, boom! fielded a survey of the supply chain profession to better understand sentiments regarding career progression plans, perceived obstacles and enablers, as well as views on gender equity. We share the results of the survey in this free report.

"Despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain professionals remain optimistic about their futures, are ambitious and have a strong desire to progress. However, they're also clear about what's getting in their way and the changes they'd like to see. And there is quite a lot of work to do, it seems."

Beth Morgan, Founder, boom! Global

Download the report here.

2020 Women in Supply Chain Research

The results of Gartner's fifth annual survey show that a historic 17% of Chief Supply Chain Officers in surveyed organisations are women, up from 9% five years ago, with supply chains in the consumer sector showing the strongest leadership pipelines. The report outines the approaches most likely to make an impact to further increase female representation in the profession.

As a partner of this annual AWESOME / Gartner Women in Supply Chain research series, we are pleased to share the results of this survey of 140 supply chain organisations. The report was published in July 2020.

Download the report here.