Balancing Family & a Career in Supply Chain: The Male Perspective

A panel discussion produced by boom! Global Network | Replay from 13 June 2024

Fathers in the workplace are often discriminated against if they want to take on, or share, the load of childcare.A positive culture is essential, as well as male role models who are breaking down barriers. They are doing this by taking their full entitlement to paternity leave and working flexibly, so they can be there for the day-to-day realities of parenthood, such as staying at home with a sick child and doing the school run.

In this panel discussion, Melanie Salter is joined by four guests:

Our panelists share their perspectives on how to raise awareness and appreciation of this delicate balance of family and work. How do they encourage open communication and transparency on this topic? What has been the biggest learning in their parenthood journey?

Watch the discussion now to learn from their insights and experiences.